RAB Industries Inc. (dba Consignment Canada)
Angela Beer, Jonny Beer, Tina Beer-Hamlin | Co-Owners
January 2018

Author: Mock Webware |

Suzanne MacKay-Dunn has been our bookkeeper since July 2009. To say she came into our lives at a very difficult time - a husband diagnosed with cancer and a previous person who turned out not be a bookkeeper - would not be a stretch. She came in for an interview when we were desperate, looked at our “mess” got to work immediately, literally sorted us out in very quick order, and has been with us ever since. She consistently and diligently looks after our bookkeeping and accounting needs and keeps us on constant track, holding our feet to the fire when necessary. She is also a very caring and kind person and our family and company are grateful to her and for her excellent work ethic and her skills, she is a huge part of our company and its success, and we could not recommend her highly enough.